return of the mack

sweet happenings which have taken me away

so no excuses. i said i was back, but really i wasn't.
this is take 2.
i totally blame time.
i have been overcome by time deprivation. sleep deprivation. blog deprivation.

i am incredibly sorry for not getting back to all your replies. i will most definitely devote some time to catch up/visit and read all of your sites/blogs.
you all are very very sweet!

here's hoping you all had a wonderful merry filled xmas spent with all those you love :)
xmas this yr for me was a quiet one.
most my immediate family were overseas on vacation, so it was quite a non event.
nonetheless it was spent with the one i love and with great company.
kinda glad we didn't go all out this year, i think i've more than made up for my share of gluttony this year.

so what else have i been up to?

dining, wining, friends, bday

cannot complain.

i could however, really do with a vacation.

i hear the words 'burning' and 'out' fast approaching.

btw: i hope you all have a wicked NEW YEAR!
wishing all of u the best. here's to another yr!
bring on 2010 :-)

left for dead

i'm alive. i'm kicking. i'm incredibly sorry i haven't replied to you darlings.
i seriously hope you all enjoyed the merry season! :-)
i have a whole lotta shit to catch up on...