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Market loving & NZ treats.

To say it was a gorgeous day in Sydney today, would be an understatement.
I could not pass on the opportunity to go out to the markets to get my gozeleme fix and relish in the market atmosphere.
I forget at times how pretty this city is.
Sometimes, when you're so busy holed up indoors you almost forget what being outdoors feels like.
I have to say this though. What in the bloody hell is up with some of the prices being sold at the markets?!
Shit on a stick. I'm so used to the cheap thrills of my op-shop finds, that it boggles my mind to see 'second-hand' gear being sold for a ridiculous amount.
Ripped up tshirts, which uh i think anyone can do,was being sold for $30 and up. Damn.
I'm in the wrong business.
Nevertheless, amidst all the excessively priced goodies, I still managed to come away with some sweet finds. Mainly singlets/breezy tops (albeit, all predominantly grey)
Oh and I almost forgot, Happy halloween everyone!
I wish I was going to some halloween costume party, but alas, I am not. No time for play, when you have work. Boohoo.
To make up for our non-halloween night, the love and I picked up some treats from this fantastic candy store we love in glebe!
I can't say I've really got a sweet tooth, but I did manage to score some 'sweet' finds for my fave kiwi :)
p.s thankyou allegra for the award! you're soo sweet! ;-) wow. my first 'blog' award. hehe.


  1. I love markets! I know what you mean about the prices though. I fell in love with this dress once, it was second hand and they were selling it for like 60 bucks! But other than that, the prices are pretty good.

  2. Is there a pic with italian "piadina" ?!


  3. This almost looks like a lot of other places I've been to, but not really.

  4. god i love all the markets in sydney, i used to try go to one every weekend! they have the most amazing organic foods and unique fashion buys :) love it darling!

  5. I love your photos, very nice!!!!

    KISSES FROM SPAIN Can you visit my blog???


  6. i'm so jealous.i love vintage!

  7. Great pics, love these kind of markets and do I see there a vespa? My favourite classico scooter!

  8. i really wish i could find a market place like that where i live. looks so interesting!

  9. wonderful shots!


  10. WHUZZZZZZZZZZUP. I miss your posts! I may not be the best commenter, but I do, I do!

  11. Oh i wish i was there. I would have enjoyed those gorgeous finds. :D

  12. Hi Mary! Looks like you're having sooo much fun, lucky you! We're freezing here in Toronto, it started snowing the other day :(

  13. wish I was there, lovely photos...looks like fun!

  14. Oh seeing these gorgeous pictures makes me so jealous! All of Europe is snowed!
    I just discovered your blog, I'm really liking it!


  15. hi :)
    Very pretty photos:)
    Interesting place. I like this t-shirt on right down :]
    And I come back. I add christmas gfts-photos on my blog. ufff.



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