Run away from all your boredom Run away from all your whoredom and wave

So evil. So sick.

I wish I could say that I'd just come back from the most amazing vacation, or that I had been working on some top secret assignment which i would later reveal to you all, and that's why I have not been updating.
But the truth is, I've just been so tired. (who isnt, these days eh?)
There have been days where I have felt completely lazy and completely unmotivated to even turn on my laptop. It's seriously gone as far as me having to resort to using my phone to browse the worldwideweb. (Ah...thank goodness for modern technological advances! :)) My partner had actually begun to worry that I had broken my laptop, (Quelle, shock, horreur!).
Boring as it may sound, but Work, and being ill for a little while are probably the main culprits which have prevented me from updating this, as well as the fact that my social life at the moment = nada. haha. Ok I lie. It probably equates to 'tepid' on the scale of cold to ON FIRE! So that limits the amount of topics I can rave on about.

I can't complain. All the free time I've managed to conjure up has really consisted of time spent with my partner in crime (who made the edible, i mean delectable french toast and egg combo in the first pic above), homeware shopping, decorating, op-shopping (yay to more faux fur coat finds!), buying books, books, magazines and more books, reading, and basically just chilling out watching dvds and vegging out at our lovely abode.

The last 2 weekends have been lovely though. If only I had the common sense to document it on camera. ha.
Dinners, yum cha/chocolate lunches, wigs and skeleton pens! Oooh yeah.

Halloween is coming up, and although this holiday is typically associated with our North American counterparts, we Aussies (or should I say, discount stores Australia wide) have taken it on board with much gusto. Ok, so maybe that was a slight exaggeration :/
But I have seen people, I mean, little kids in the past go 'trick or treating' during halloween. Albeit wearing regular clothes, but nonetheless 'trick or treating' around the neighbourhood! (I'm pretty sure, that the trick part would have outweighed the treat part! Unfortunately :/)

So going back to skeleton pens. Don't you just love it?! (see above pics)
Lily and I both have one (courtesy of the sweet partner and aforementioned discount store)
I'm pretty sure there'll be lots of time spent prodding and lighting our pens eyes away with these bad boys.

Yes. The simple pleasures we have in life.


  1. It's great to see you blogging again :D At least you've been using your time productively and getting the most out of time. I wish I was reading more books lately. That fur coat is beautifullll! x

  2. if there`s ONE thing i need its a skeleton pen dammit

    and i LOVEEEEEE your outfit

    thanks for adding me to your blog roll :):)
    happy to have you on mine


  3. mmm, ur breakfast is perfection, except that toast is lacking a bit of nutella! put some nutella on that thing next time heheheh! i havent been on ur blog in a while and i've missed it. love ur style :)



  4. oooh your blog is so sweet! xxx

  5. i neeeed that fur coat ! hopefully its faux . . .

  6. Woah, i want your coat so badly. Love your style. :)

  7. Whoa, very cool skeleton pen! ..and your fur coat is lovely!! x

  8. cute outfit!!!!! i love the way you take your pictures- reminds me of marc jacobs

  9. love the fur!


  10. You look great,loved the post!

  11. the french toast & eggs picture just made me hungry :) love the faux fur coat! and i totally relate to you when you say you're tired, yeah i feel that way too most of the time! when i come home from work, i don't want to do anything!

    x ws x

  12. would love to read all those books you have!


  13. Your fur coat is gorgeous! Where oh where did you find it? I've also realised the huge amount of halloween costumes, accessories and what not in discount stores! Too bad no one really gets into Halloween here

  14. Lovely outfit, nice photos too.
    X, fashion-nerdic.


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