howdy angel, where did you hide your wings?

C & A

My Fave Kiwi :)

This one's for you Lily.

She'll probably stab me with her skeleton pen (story to come soon) when she sees me next for doing this, but I knew I just had to do it.

This lovely lady and her lovely dog have been through a hell of a lot this year.
I am always so amazed at the amount of strength she has (and I know she'll probably deny this and say it's not the case) but I think she is unbelievably tenacious, fearless and just generally amazing.
She defines awesomeness in every way!
I cannot wait for EVS shenanigans aye ;-P

Love you fool


  1. The kitten is so adorable! Your blog is awesome! I will be following! Check out my blog - it's lolavee.blogspot.com and I am selling variety of vintage clothes and accessories. Follow my blog as well if you would like to keep updated when the latest vintage is for sale! Lola x

  2. Such an adorable little dog! I've always wanted one.. :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment too! I'm sure you'll learn to sew one day!


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