The person falling here is me

My Selby

I apologise for the photo overload. Excitement got the better of me :)

The home in working progress.
Still have things missing, such as my beloved Philippe Starck ghost chairs.
We're (PIC & I) still 'beautifying' the bedrooms, hence no pics. haha.
Unlike the 'real' Selby, I have yet to post pics of my wardrobe.
That in itself will be a project! Mmm...

Dust in the wind

Apocalypse now?

Sydney woke up in a haze of fiery red and orange today.
The Apocalypse? Armageddon? Dust storm?!
I seemingly fell asleep through it. I awoke to sms msgs and tv news reports warning me of the dust storm that gripped the city. I opened the blinds to find the haze had subsided, and felt a great sense of relief. It wasn't the end of the world.
Of course that thought soon dissipated when i discovered the shitload of dusty red residue left on my car. Fuck.

Car washes would be raking it in big time today!

If i could


Ahhh...Mr. Gordon-Levitt.
I feel like I'm in high school all over again.
Admittedly I was not a fan back then, but whoa- have times a changed!


sweet disposition


I've been so tired and so complacent these days. I'm sorry.

I promise i'll get back to some regular blogging.

I have soo much to catch up on.

I'm still here.

Anyways, I've recently come across this awesome site Looklet.com which allows you to unleash your inner stylist. I love it. Great way to kill time and drool over pieces you only wished you had!

edit// eughh..the photo is cut off. arghh. i'm so technologically challenged...oh shit. it's too small now! :-(


Reason will not reach a solution

Courtesy of The Selby

Sorry I've been MIA the last couple of days. Have been feeling a little sickly lately. Work is nuts.
Am feeling more inspired and more motivated to do things around the house (such as reorganise my books) than to really go out anywhere.
The weekend was great though. Sydney weather is starting to warm up, much to my skin's disgust! :s
It was my PIC's (Parter in crime) bday yesterday. He's such an old bugger. T'was a lovely day. Not many photos to document though.
Lots of food and ice-cream. Hmm...guess that's also probably one of the other reasons why I'm not feeling too crash hot.
Ahhh such is life...
P.S Hope you had a great day bitch. Love you. So what do you want for your bday?



I saw this on some website and I just had to post it.
It totally made my day. haha.


Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

Happy Father's Day

I know not everyone else is celebrating Father's day today like us folk down under, but Happy Father's day regardless!
What better way to celebrate it with some good eats and good company.

I know that myself and my dad have shared our ups and downs, but it doesnt deny the fact that he's my dad, and that no matter what, he always will be. (cheesy. i know)

So dad, here's to you. Happy Father's day!
Thankyou for everything that you have done for me, and for all the sacrifices you have had to make as my parent.

Addit: I know there are some right now, that are probably finding it incredibly difficult this year (especially).
Just know that we're thinking about you.

[edit/] I'm crushed. I was outbidded in the last 2 seconds. Bye bye leopard print docs! :(

I'm so tired, of playing- playing with this bow and arrow

Give me a reason to be a woman

Catherine McNeil

I believe she's a stunner


I want it now

Holy Shit Bananas!

I'm watching these babies