You're a loaded gun -There's nowhere to run

Everything is vintage/mum's closet/op shop wear, except the shoes and bag in the first few shots.
Seriously there's nothing more thrilling than being able to score gems for bargain prices- or better yet, for free! :)


  1. Your denim vest is amazing... i love how its all vintage, but it looks straight off the alex wang runway. i love it!! :)

    and thanks for the comment on my page!


  2. that is serious arm candy..

  3. Wow, I absolutely love both of these looks! Gorgeous!

  4. Hi there lovelies!

    Aww thanks for the lovely comments :)
    Glad the looks were liked ;-)

    Thanks Natalie. These outfits minus the bag and shoes couldn't be any more cheaper! Alex Wang eat your heart out. hehe. Oh if only I could wear A. Wang every day! lol.

    Thanks for visiting Style bird. Love your DIYS!
    Blau and Lisa, you guys are stars! Will def check your sites :D

    Much love to you all.

  5. you have the greatest hair i have ever seen and your outfit is just perfection!

  6. those shoes are amazing! lovely outfit :)


  7. bargain prices are def the best. love the cheap thrills!

  8. love your glasses. and your outfit is not bad.
    lovely look. :)

    Xo, YC.

  9. Hello lovely,

    I like the outfit, especially the nude blazer in the last photograph is gorgeous. And I totally know that happy feeling when you've bought things for bargain prices or when you got it for free!

    Love, E

  10. so cute. love all those looks.
    i really like your glasses !
    cute blog.

  11. I love that blazer and your shoes!

  12. Awww thanks guys!

    All your comments have really made my day! :)

    casey and oriwa:
    thanks loves :)
    omg my hair totally sucks ass! :s aargh. haha. man, i think the camera is deceiving, cause my hair is really the shittiest ever. haven't had a cut in sooo long. the hairdresser would probably freak out with the amount of shit goin on with it! haha. but thanks for the compliment regardless. ahhh...u guys are so sweet! :)

    C. Chico:
    bargains are the bomb! love them! :) thanks for dropping a comment! :)

    YC and Gracie Frances:
    thanks a heap! the glasses are ones i picked up at the markets which i got prescription lenses put in. very affordable, compared to forking out on some of the designer frames.

    E: hello my love. glad u like bargains and freebies just as much as i do! the nude blazer, was another damn good find at the local salvos (salvation army) for $5. haha. love it. i think i'm gonna change the buttons on it though...

    Lacy & Macy:
    Hi dears! thanks for your comments! blazer was a thrift find and shoes were siren shoes (aussie shoe label) that were on sale.

    ahhh...i love a good bargain!


  13. I love your skirt and bag!
    Great look.

  14. I LOVE your shoes!! Found you on chictopia and I'm loving your style and your blog.. Would love to exchange links! hope you can stop by my blog too..



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