Why do the birds go on singing?

image sources: my files, google images, skulladay.com
I am a Carpenters fan. There will be no denying this. It's a fact.
I sing along, aloud and proud everytime one of their songs are played.
I remember growing up listening to my mum's records playing their greatest hits.
It was love.
Karen Carpenter's death was a great loss.
She is amazing.
Her voice and drumming skills were gold.
Inspired by everything else. I know it's been done. Wild horse and skulls. Im in that kind of mood.
In other news, I am literally covered in calamine lotion. So damn shit. Itching is a no go. Arrgh. I need it to stop.
p.s. (cause i know my foolish friend reads this :P) HI AMIE aka. Lily! YOU FOOL. I LOVE YOU LONG TIME!

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