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Who knew Kurt Cobain could be a style icon?

Maybe I should of worn my docs or motorcycle boots instead (you know- to complete the 'look'), but i just couldn't resist taking these babies out. They needed to be worn. Dust was seriously gathering on top of the box they were in. sheesh.

For all those in OZ. Happy daffodil day. I forgot to wear my pin today. Which is pretty bad on my part, considering oncology plays a part of my work life from time to time.

My thoughts are going out to all the peeps in my life who've lost someone or have been affected by some form of cancer. If I could I'd each all give you a hug.

Oh and for the record, I am completely enamoured by the amount of beauty and inspiration I come across on a daily basis within this world of blogging.

You are all amazing. Seriously.

There are still so many sites there I have yet to tap. All in due time, I say :)
But for those who are reading this, who think theirs is worth a bite, plz feel free to leave your mark here. I'd love to explore your world.


  1. of course cobain would be a style icon...legend!!

  2. I love the last picture! It's so funny and those heels are gorgeous!

    Love, E

  3. Mmmm. I just love the plaid right now. And I say it was it was a good call on those heels. Adorable my dear.

  4. I covet all of your shoes and bags. :)

    x INGRID

  5. Kurt Cobain is flannel. ;) i love him. Ha. ;)

  6. LOVE the plaid!! :)


    new blog:


  7. Rachie- Pie: yep. he is great! :)

    Stevie: thanks sweets. happy i wore the heels, although i don't think my feet would agree..:s

    E: you're soo cute. thanks love.

    Stylebird: thanks love!! :)

    Ingrid: I covet everything about you! haha. You are so damn gorgeous, it's not even funny! :D

    Fashion doohickey: ahhh...kurt was all about the flannel! x

    Vern: Yes, grunge is great!mmm...
    *flashback to the 90's* hehe.

    Natalie: thanks Nat love! :) Will def check out your new blog!


  8. I love this look! And can I please borrow your bag sometimes :-)?! xxoxoxoxo

  9. Shin

    Oh I would love to lend you my bag! Hmmm...just gotta figure out how to get myself to Hawaii!?! haha.


  10. I'm gad you didn't resist the temptation, those shoes are fantabulous

    + don't feel too bad, i always buy the money raising pins and pens and forget about it the day of...oops

  11. awww...haha. thanks love :)
    glad i'm not the only one!



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